RISA®: Help clients and prospects identify their retirement income personality all on their own.

Your wealth of knowledge is no good to someone who won’t commit their wealth to it. To do so, you need to develop strategies that resonate with your clients and prospects.

Drive growth and deeper client relationships with the RISA.

You can’t act in a client’s best interests if you’ve never taken the time to assess what those interests are; especially as it relates to a retirement income strategy. Because clients do not fully convey their true retirement beliefs, you need a clear understanding of them before you implement to a planning strategy.

If not, you will fail to identify a strategy that simply “makes sense” and connects with the client. Keeping everything the same and just sending your clients a quarterly distribution from their assets in retirement is not doing something different. It’s really just doing something convenient.

Not only are client and prospects starting to expect something more, they see through it. We hear this from them all the time. Ultimately, this leads to lower conversion rates for prospects and potential client attrition. At a minimum, you fail to grow your firm accordingly and at worst, you contract.

Say hello to the RISA.

Leverage the innovative Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA) assessment to personalize retirement income planning, build stronger client connections, and future-proof your practice.

RISA is right for you and your practice if you’re looking to:

Identify Better

Future Proof

Introduce Credibility

Be Consistient

Establish Fiduciary Care

The RISA brings together the best of psychology and financial planning.

When your client takes the RISA Survey, they identify their retirement income personality all on their own. And with those results in hand, you can define strategies that match their personality more closely than ever before. The client feels like they are heard, you feel like you can guide them down a path they can trust, and the results speak for themselves.

  • You will facilitate success because you can make sense of the overwhelm for your client by introducing and implementing a retirement plan that resonates with them. Get this right first and the rest will follow.
  • You will remove the “brace for impact” mentality as your clients transition into their retirement. The RISA helps your clients easier by identifying their preferences in a retirement plan. You pilot the plan.
  • You will differentiate yourself from the masses because you have a unique retirement income assessment tool.



See how your practice can begin seeing the benefits of the RISA today by calling 800.992.2642 today!

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