We’ve got (Alexa) Skills

Annuity Quotes. just ask amazon’s alexa™.

Hey, Alexa: Open the CreativeOne Skill.

Run GLWB Quotes with a simple command!

A new era of research tools for licensed financial professionals.

The CreativeOne Alexa skill makes research easier by using more accurate data, offering more accessibility, and including more usability than ever before — all in the simple interface of Amazon’s Alexa™, available on the Echo and other Amazon smart speakers.


Top Carriers Featured

Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) Investigator streamlines the illustration process.


Data Supported

Payout Rates and Yearly Income numbers instantly available in the field — no waiting.


Instant Product Updates

Leverages the PIK database to report accurate data and calculations according to up-to-date numbers.


Illustrations in your Inbox

Just ask Alexa to send you the information she finds, and we’ll deliver it to you directly.

Powerful advisor tools, put simply.

Maintained daily, the GLWB Investigator skill offers the most complete list of products and guaranteed income estimates available.

Exclusive Products

All the tools to help meet your clients’ financial objectives in one application.

“Hey Alexa, How do I Get Contracted With CreativeOne.”

CreativeOne offers an industry-leading online contracting system designed to make submitting carrier contracts faster, easier and more accurate. By using our online registration process, you can be set up to contract with any of our carriers in about 15 minutes.


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