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Based on your needs, we devise a plan that utilizes case design, income planning and diversification to find the best possible solution. With our years of unmatched experience in the field, research and understanding of each specific client situation, we create a win-win solution for you and your client. As a team, we strive to be the go-to consultant and collaborator to help independent entrepreneurs become more successful.

KruegerVP, Annuity Sales
HeimBusiness Development Director
HaasBusiness Development Director
McCoyAnnuity Administrative Support
MerganBusiness Development Director
SumnerAnnuity Sales Business Consultant
HundleyAnnuity Sales Business Development Director

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There’s nothing mysterious about it. Elite producers work less while earning more because they work more intelligently. It’s their competitive nature that drives them toward continuous improvement. Practically speaking, the success of any financial advisor can be measured by their ability to excel in five key areas. Download our whitepaper “5 Ways Elite Producers Work Less, but Earn More” to learn how you can become an elite producer.

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