It can sometimes be hard for independent financial advisors and insurance agents to stand out against the competition. With so many white paper downloads, email blasts, videos, calculators and informative workshop offerings, differentiating yourself to prospective clients can be a difficult and large undertaking. If your competition offers something better, then you lost a client. Simple as that. That’s why it’s critical you stand out with your client-appreciation and prospecting occasions.

While active social media and email campaigns can keep your digital assets engaged, that doesn’t necessarily mean your clients will stick around. Client-appreciation events are a way for advisors to express gratitude, build personal engagement and make clients so happy they tell their friends and family about you. A successful client-appreciation event can create raving fans, leading to more referrals.

Here are some out-of-the-box event ideas sure to make your current clientele happy, and capture prospective clients:

  1. Movie night. Movie theatre rentals are a great budget-friendly idea to screen a family-friendly movie. While you may not get much time to discuss personal matters and interact with your clients, it is a nice gesture to at least touch base with them before and after the screening.
  2. Exclusive tours. Call a local museum, gallery, zoo, or other public institution and arrange a tour of the whole exhibit and even the off-limits areas. Ask to be shown storage areas and works that are not on display. A private tour is exclusive, making your clients feel special for this opportunity.
  3. Beer or wine tasting event. Craft beer is growing in popularity, especially among Generation X and Y investors. Show your connection to the local community by hosting a tasting by a local brewery or winery. Clients will love the exclusivity and the luxury of the event. Not to mention, the setting provides the opportunity to talk and discuss with your clients and prospects more.
  4. Food truck event. Food trucks are trending right now for a taste of the local community. It is also a good way to upgrade an outdoor event. Depending on where you live, you may find something as exotic as Korean tacos or as American as mac ’n’ cheese.
  5. Ice cream social. This is a great event for summer, is a budget-friendly way to get clients out and a great opportunity for them to bring friends and other prospects. If you want to take it a step further, have games or raffles at your ice cream social.
  6. Golf clinic or outing. Golf is a favorite pastime of many retirees and financial advisors. It’s easy to gather a group of your best clients and go on an outing.
  7. Pottery or painting class. These are fun activities that get people involved and gives them something tangible to take home. It helps them remember you and the event.
  8. Paper shredding party. You can frame this event as identify theft protection. You can hire shredding companies that will come to your location. You can also discuss estate planning and the importance of organizing documents.
  9. Holiday-themed events. This can be an incredible business generator if done properly. You can throw a Valentine’s Day dance for older clients, playing the best of the generation. Or even hire a Santa Claus to come out to take a picture with your clients’ family instead of waiting in line at the mall.
  10. Provide a complimentary dinner. A complimentary dinner is the most basic form of a client-appreciation and gaining prospective clients event. Inviting clients out to dinner, and choosing a place suitable to your audience’s preferences, can create a personal atmosphere where you can engage with a few people or a whole group at once.

If you are interested in or have already had some success with events with your clients, take it to the next level with Facebook Digital Dinner Seminars with CreativeOne. They are a sure way to get new prospects from your area in front of you while presenting education materials. Call your sales representative for more information.


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