Expedite Your Life Insurance Quotes

by Apr 19, 2017Life

Term and GUL Quoting – Quotes at Your Fingertips:

Sometimes, you’re in the middle of a client meeting and you want to change a few variables on a quote. Time is of the essence. You can with CreativeOne’s quote engine. You have anytime access to a multi-carrier quote engine with a simple way to determine your client’s need for guaranteed universal life (GUL) and term life insurance.

How do other advisors use this tool? Many use this to up-sell by showing a few quote options. Sometimes, the incremental value between 15 and 30-year term or 30-year term vs. a GUL product can help you leverage the power of permanent policies and their benefits and garner additional revenue.

Ready to get started? Here’s how to access comparative illustrations on the fly:


To Access:

Step 1 | Type www.creativeone.com/term in the internet browser.

Step 2 | On the top right screen enter your Agent Login and password and select LOG IN.

Step 3 | Scroll down and select LIFE.



Complete the Form:

Complete the intuitive form with your client’s information.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

We’ll gladly help you meet your clients’needs, using needs analysis, innovative solutions in conjunction with our product intelligence team. Our goal is to streamline illustrations, proposals, casework and expedite issuance. Give us a call at 800.992.2642

For further tips, watch the tutorial that takes you through the process step by step, and also shows you how to add GUL quotes along side term quotes.


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