Breaking news: Big changes to Facebook plus a new Facebook seminar promo!

Learn about the upcoming changes to Facebook's advertising platform and how CreativeOne is positioned to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the same great results as always!

Plus…a limited-time Facebook dinner seminars promo*!

Changes to Facebook Advertising

In light of growing consumer privacy concerns, Facebook is taking drastic measures to help users protect their sensitive information. Facebook announced they will be removing certain targeting options within their ad platform that allows advertisers to target users based on data provided by third-party data brokers such as Acxiom, Epslion Data Management and Oracle Data Cloud.

Starting August 15, 2018, advertisers will no longer be able to directly target users with ads for these categories, which includes demographics such as:

• Household Income. • Net Worth. • Liquid Assets. • Home Ownership.

They are still allowing advertisers to have a relationship directly with these data providers, which would then allow them to import this data in to the advertisers’ dashboard to continue targeting users based on these demographics.

CreativeOne has been at the forefront of these changes and is already in talks with the data providers to have this solution in place before we lose any targeting capabilities. This will allow us to continue delivering the same great results and high-quality prospects through your lead generation programs and most importantly, your dinner seminars and workshops! Because of CreativeOne’s shear volume of ad spending with Facebook, we have dedicated Facebook representative assigned to us, which allows us to stay on top of these groundbreaking industry changes and deliver the best practices and results for our agents every day. On top of that, our digital marketing director, Perry Boles, is Facebook Blueprint Certified, which means he have passed rigorous tests and an in-person exam to show that he has the knowledge and skills to drive the best results on Facebook for our agents.

CreativeOne’s Digital Facebook Seminars are best in class and our results have been proven time and time again. For a limited time*, we are offering CreativeOne contracted agents and advisors:

  • $1,699 dinner seminar package. • Includes a guarantee of 45 registrants. • Complimentary appointment setting (a $350 value). • Complimentary no-show appointment scheduling (a $65 value).  

Proven Success

43,408 Total Registrants Generated 

32,409,745 Ad Impressions Seen 

$1,041,809 Media Dollars Spent

68.34 Average Registrants

$236,292.25 Average Case Size 

Your $1,699 Facebook dinner seminar package

CreativeOne has crafted and honed our Facebook seminar program through thousands of events and years of experience. What you receive when doing a Facebook seminar with us:

  • Custom Landing Page, Thank You Page and Ad Creation CreativeOne will develop customized assets to drive registrants to your upcoming seminar. A visually pleasing, responsive landing page will be developed with your custom seminar details where guests will be able to register for your upcoming seminar. After registering, they will be taken to your thank you page which will have all of the event details as well as automated calendar software so they can add the event to their calendar with a click and social buttons to share your event with their friends and family. We will also develop high-performing ad copy to drive people to your landing page.
  • 45 Guaranteed Registrants CreativeOne uses precise targeting to hone in on your preferred demographics. We target consumers who live in the area near your event and display ads to highly qualified prospects based on numerous financial, age and other additional demographics. We are so confident in our ability to drive registrants to your event, that we will guarantee 45 registrants, otherwise, the next one is on us!
  • Personal Online Reporting Dashboard We will provide an online, real-time reporting dashboard where you will be able to see how many people have registered for each event. In addition, you will have the names, email addresses and phone numbers for every person who registers for your event so you can add them to your existing database.
  • Registrant Follow-Up Automation Registrants will receive an automated follow up confirmation email immediately after registering to confirm their registration. They will then receive a reminder email the day before the event as well as a text message if they opted-in. All communication will be customized with your event details, allow them to easily add the event to their calendar and will have links to get directions to your event.
  • Complimentary Appointment Setting (a $350 value) Our appointment setters will handle the follow-up and reminder calls for you. Handling these follow-up calls correctly is crucial to the turnout at your event and we have the experience to help boost your attendance. Our callers will call everyone to confirm their registration and also call them with a friendly reminder a day or two before the event. This will give you a good idea of how many people have confirmed they will be attending and will help get more people show up to your event.
  • No-Show Appointment Scheduling (a $65 value) Simply provide us a list of the people who did not show up for your event and our appointment setting will call them to invite them to your next event or invite them in for a complimentary one-on-one financial review with you. In addition, we will take that list and put them into an email campaign inviting them to sign up for a complimentary financial review with you. By taking advantage of these follow-up services, you can ensure that you are getting in front of more people interested in hearing what you have to say!

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