Integrated Financial Services

A Better Approach to Risk Management
We exist to fill a major void in the financial and insurance industry. As a wealth manager, you now have a team to help create a road map to grow your business and holistically fulfill your clients’ needs through the integration of investments and insured solutions. We’re integrated financial services (IFS) … what can we do for you?

Bring inMore

IFS can serve as a partner to help you multiply your AUM, and bring greater efficiency to your business.


Gain a competitive advantage by implementing a game-changing strategy to hold on to your clients.

A BetterWay

We know you desire to exponentially grow your business and haven’t found a partnership that can do that. We can help.

Your Powerhouse Team

The IFS team comprises talented individuals who have insights and expertise to share with wealth managers. The team’s tenure includes registered representatives, former advisors, insurance directors and those who’ve worked in affluent markets where savvy solutions-based selling strategies are a necessity. We know you could benefit from the one-of-kind coaching and consultation experience from us.
NicholsonVP, Life Sales
LaneRisk Management
BrownleeLife Administration

Ditch Traditional Philosophies

You’ve spent countless hours purposefully cultivating clients who value your financial savviness. Now the challenge is sustaining these often complex relationships. This task is made easier when you work with a like-minded partner who understands your business model. Create a competitive edge and, more importantly, build a protective fence around your best clients to preclude competitive poaching.


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