Best practices to help you ace your next webinar.

If digital webinars are new territory for you, and you feel a little uneasy about taking the virtual stage or just want to brush up on your skills, we have some helpful tips and reminders.

Practice makes perfect.

Giving a virtual presentation with no audience is new and different. Do some dry runs online with family and friends to get comfortable before the big day.

You wouldn’t show up to an in-person seminar without reviewing your content and practicing your presentation. The same goes for webinars. Make sure you know exactly what you’re going to say and highlight for each slide.

This includes your close and your opening. Make sure you know exactly what you’re going to say to communicate the value of setting a follow-up consultation. Consider opening with an emotional or humorous story to help engage people right off the bat.

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Get your technology right.

Join your webinar early to ensure all of your technology is working properly and you know how to use the poll, chat & CTA functionality.

Before the webinar, restart your computer and close out of any unnecessary programs. Make sure you are hard-wired into the internet via ethernet cable instead of using wi-fi.

Spend the extra money for a good web cam and a reliable headset for optimal video and audio quality.

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How do I look?

You want to come off as professional and that includes the environment around you. Make sure there is no unnecessary clutter in your view or anything that would be distracting.

Ensure you have a quiet place to present from and turn off or silence all of your devices. Make sure your camera is above eye level and make eye contact throughout the presentation.

Lighting is important as well. Make sure your main source of light is in front of you. Otherwise, you’ll create a halo effect and it will be hard to see you clearly.

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Add some personality.

It is important to engage your audience early and often. Avoid sticking to the script and add some of your own personality, humor and personal anecdotes to the presentation.

If you look like you’re just reading off notes, you’re going to lose the attention of your audience. Use names of people you see in your audience in examples or rhetorical questions to help engage them.

Consider starting your presentation off with a powerful, engaging story that highlights why you do what you do or tell a funny story about how you’ve been coping through the pandemic with a house full of kids. Be human and be relatable.

Poll questions can help get additional insights on your audience while also helping to keep them engaged, so make sure you use them to your advantage. Not every poll question has to be serious. If you want to add some additional poll questions to your webinar, just let your webinar concierge know!

Use a wingman.

If you find it hard to deliver a compelling presentation while handling the technology, use an office assistant or family member to help out with your webinar.

They can help manage your chat, push out poll questions and make sure your CTA is pushed out at the right times for maximum engagement.

Need additional help or coaching? Click here to schedule a one-on-one with our resident webinar coach.

Always be closing.

The ultimate goal is to get appointments and new opportunities from your webinar. Make sure you mention early, and throughout your presentation, the opportunity to schedule a follow-up consultation. Clearly describe the value that they will get from it, how they sign up for it and how you’ll meet with them. Give them an option for meeting virtually or in-person.

Use names of clients, real or fictitious, in your stories and talk about the value they got out of meeting with you. Use your name in third person, i.e. John attended one of my recent webinars and when we met for his one-on-one consultation afterwards, he said Jason, I had no idea there were so many tax considerations in retirement. Make it easy for your virtual attendee to visualize themselves meeting and working with you.

After your webinar, immediately follow-up with all your attendees to make sure they are taking advantage of this opportunity. John, I don’t want you to miss out on getting your complimentary consultation so you can learn how to leverage these tax strategies we discussed today.

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Digital Webinar Packages

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